arkHarbor Solutions is a “Growth Consultancy,” committed to supporting the needs of growing companies. 


We strive to help companies achieve adaptable systems and processes for the fulfillment of their business-critical services, providing customer value through cost savings, productivity gains and business flexibility.

We zealously pursue the following goals:  

1.  Providing maximum value to our customers.

We strive to help our customers gain large improvements in their business operations and profitability, with a minimum investment, through the innovative use of technology, efficient sourcing and disciplined project management techniques.  We provide execution capabilities that accelerate speed-to-market for our Clients’ strategic initiatives.  


2.  Helping our People achieve enriched lives.

We cultivate a work environment that rewards creativity, encourages a sense of partnership/ownership, and enhances personal & professional growth.  We allow all employees to directly share in the financial success of the company.  


3.  Benefiting our community.

Encourage employees to seek personal enrichment from involvement in community programs, volunteer service and mentoring, by providing supporting services, flexible work policies and tangible incentives.